Browse our growing catalog: You will find theatre plays in English, in French, and packages of the same play in both languages, for children, teenagers, and adults.

Loglines and previews are there to help you find your way around.

Prices depend on the run time of the play.
If/when the play is performed in front of a paying audience, performing rights are due.

* Most plays have a variable number of characters to accommodate your needs.
* Some roles are mentioned as either male or female but can of course be played by both men and women.
* Some puns cannot be translated literally; they have been replaced by the closest and most idiomatic ideas or expressions in the other language.

License 1: Play + performances to a non-paying audience (fewer than/up to 50 people included)
License 2: Play + performances to a paying audience
AMATEUR or COMMUNITY THEATRE (cast of volunteer actors, set designers, and crewmembers)
Author’s rights = 8%
License 3: Play + performances to a paying audience PROFESSIONAL THEATRE (paid performers)
Author’s rights = 10%

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