A lot is at stake in the first seconds of any encounter and your image is your first communication tool!

You want to make a positive impact… “but”… you’re unsure how to do that?
Or finding the right outfit is an ordeal?
Or, composing your look is a pleasure but (another “but”) also a serious headache?

To teach you these priceless image codes, Work Of Art/Heart organizes a 3-hour online workshop.
20 participants maximum.

* Presentation of the Body Shapes
* Fundamentals of colors
* Transcending your assets
* Then everyone asks a question and receives the appropriate answer

The questions asked by others benefit you as well. The workshop can last longer than three hours (at no extra cost) if we haven’t dealt with everybody’s questions in time.

Ideal for anyone wanting their look to be a heartfelt business card and for anyone wanting their inner superhero and their outside to match.