Art & Heart My name is Hélène Perrin-Gouron. As I was born an artist, it was clear that I would work in a profession linked to an artistic field since when I learned to walk and talk, but no one expected me to immerse in and excel at several artistic endeavors. Throughout my childhood till I was a full-grown adult, I took classes in dance, music, and drawing and painting. I was a member of vocal ensembles, participated in photography workshops, was involved in galas and concerts, and won several drawing and photography contests. Besides that, because I was already customizing the clothes of my dolls as a child and mine later, my parents enrolled me in sewing classes. I loved all the arts I touched with immense passion and eagerness. Well, not necessarily in all their aspects (music theory as a child; umm, not my cup of tea). During my graduate studies in… cinematography, I discovered theatre. There were sparkles, gustoes, bubbles of happiness for me there too! Then came the time of independence. I worked as a screenwriter (mainly an analyst and a script doctor) on major international co-productions for over ten years; my work was a source of unfathomable joy to me. What’s more, to tune in with my body (and not simply feel like a chattering brain), I danced, and did so for a long time and questioned my career choice at one point. The Broadway call… So many desires, so many wishes, and dreams…! I hopped from dancing to theatre, and then theatre to writing, which I considered was the right thing for me. But I wanted to work on my own scripts and see on screen my own ideas. I had things to say and pass on….

Setting up ideas satisfies the left brain. But this part of the brain is the servant. The right side of the brain is the Master, and its expression is key. Soon, I returned to musical theatre and found there the pleasure of communion with people. As a bonus, I was able to witness the passage of a fictional character from paper to life. This contributed to the refinement of my writing. The dancing and singing were there too! To engage in the confluence of all the arts I took pleasure in was pure bliss. excerpt It was then that my screenplays began to be noticed – by Luc Besson’s production company for a TV series, and by two of the biggest international contests (The Page International Screenwriting Awards and The Austin Film Festival). My scripts were finalists. Two of them were optioned… Things were on the way.

Birth of Work Of Art/Heart

And then Life, its lessons that one accepts to hear or not, the covid (meaning the loss of all my contracts) … What I had to do was becoming evident.
As someone who gets bored when doing one thing only, my best way back on the job market was to put my strong fields of pleasure forward.
Work Of Art/Heart was born.

About 2023

Come On In…

Short theater plays
for theater workshops, language teachers, family get-togethers, friends…
Illustrations to accompany the said texts
2 collections:
Portraits of Renowned and Unknown People
& Soul Candy Nature – because Eye Candy is food for the Mind and the Soul

Portraits in automatic drawing
which highlight those wounds of yours that remain in the state of a fuzzy feeling. With my portraits of you in automatic drawing, here they are in front of your eyes!

with my own spec scripts, and creation and polishing of loglines services

to help you match your exterior and your interior super-heroic qualities

Ideally, my products and services place a smile on your face. A smile coming from a content heart… when a grandfather delights in watching his grandchildren perform for him, when I help you bring out the light that you feel shines in you, when a picture takes you to a happy place, …

This explains my motto: “Blisser™ for all generations”

Things have evolved a lot since I started Work Of Art/Heart; They will keep evolving… I have dreams!

And on a pleasant note: When the dream is here, the action follows…

Hélène Perrin-Gouron

Now, do I have other passions that I haven’t mentioned? I do. I haven’t talked about kitesurfing. But that, even if mastering that sport is an art, is another story 😉

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