Work of Art/Heart is looking to expand their catalog. If you wish to submit a play, it’ll be read and you will get an answer within 2 weeks. It can be in English, French, or Spanish. The plays can be short, 10 minutes, one act, or full-length. If your play is 10 minutes or less, send the whole play, along with a logline or a short synopsis, and the estimated run time. If your play is 11 minutes or more, send a one-page synopsis as a first step and the estimated run time. Please only send plays that contain an idea, a plot, which characters make sense, that are feasible on stage. If it so appears that there is plagiarism, the authors are sole responsible. Their plays will be removed from the website immediately. Format your submission as such: Font: Courier New, 12 Character names in CAPITAL letters, bold when they are speaking Directions in italics If your play is suitable for our editorial line, a Publishing Contract will be presented to you. Work of Art/Heart will publish your play online as soon as the agreement is signed. The rights remain the author’s at all times and if a buyer expresses the desire to perform your play in front of a paying audience, they will be directed to you. If the answer to your submission is negative, it just means that our criteria for this play do not match up.
No notes will accompany our answer as there is no reading free. You can submit another play of yours, at any time. The signature of the Release Agreement (download here) is a primary condition. If the total size of attachment files in the form down below is too large, please use WeTransfer.